Pro4all and German PMG team up to help construction move forward

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Demi-Jo Smith, March 14, 2023

14th of March, 2023

Pro4all and Munich-based PMG are entering into a strategic partnership. This partnership is the first step in the ambition to form the leading European construction software group. Pro4all entered into cooperation with software investor Main Capital Partners (‘Main’) last year with the aim of further helping the construction industry in the field of digitalisation.

Helping construction move forward

The combined product portfolio of Pro4all and PMG can really help the construction industry move forward in digitising its business processes. According to a recent Rabobank study, construction still lags behind other sectors in this. Only 25 percent of construction companies surveyed said they are engaged in the digitisation of work processes to a high or very high degree, while the average for other sectors is often 40 percent.

Delivering added value for customers

The world around us is changing rapidly. To continue delivering added value for our customers, both in terms of product and knowledge, we seek cooperation with strategic partners. We are convinced that by collaborating with the right strategic partners and a broader product portfolio, we can accelerate our development and growth. The aim is to deliver added value for our joint customers.

Their product PAVE is a collaboration platform that supports the entire lifecycle of construction projects. The core of PAVE is a comprehensive CDE (Common Data Environment), complemented by modules such as workflows, project management, BIM and cost control. We are very excited about what PAVE might also mean for our current customers.


A beautiful partnership

Partnering with PMG feels like a very logical step in achieving that ambition. Mike Riegler, CEO of PMG, is delighted with the fine partnership:

“Pro4all is an excellent strategic and cultural match for PMG. We share the ambition to help and further digitise construction and real estate stakeholders worldwide with our solutions.”

Dick van der Woude, who founded Pro4all more than 20 years ago, is also looking forward to adding value to the international market together with PMG: “When we explored the possibility of working together, the reactions to our ideas from customers and partners were only positive. That positive response, combined with our similar corporate culture, and ambition to grow internationally, strengthened our confidence that this collaboration will significantly accelerate the growth of both companies.”

We strongly believe in bringing together driven and passionate entrepreneurs to accelerate innovations for the benefit of their customers.

PMG Header
Mike Riegler and Stefan Finkenzeller

Accelerating innovations

According to Sjoerd Aarts of Main Capital Partners, joining forces is a great way to accelerate innovations for the construction industry:

“We strongly believe in bringing together driven and passionate entrepreneurs to accelerate innovations for the benefit of their customers. With PMG and Pro4all, we combine two organisations that are both known for their skills and expertise within their respective domains in the construction and real estate software market. This results in a strong foundation for further European expansion.”

And then now?

Pro4all will remain Pro4all. In the short term, our customers will not notice much.
Of course, we have already started a joint project to align the product roadmap. If we can get the teams to work together optimally, we believe this is going to create added value for our joint customers in the (short) term.

Also, this partnership will give us more access to the wider European market. Pro4all will remain primarily responsible for the Benelux market, but we will increasingly work together with PMG to share our expertise and benefit from each other’s knowledge, experience and products.

General questions and answers

Sounds all good, but can you tell me a bit more about PMG?

PMG, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Munich, Germany, is an experienced software developer for the construction and real estate industry. The company has a versatile SaaS product called PAVE, which is a true collaboration platform with functionalities such as plan and document management, project management, construction cost control and workflow management. The platform helps make strategic decisions so that construction projects become more efficient, error-free, cheaper and ultimately more sustainable.

With experience from thousands of projects and a construction volume of over 120 billion euros, PMG supports contractors, construction companies, project developers, investors and consultancies, which are mainly located in the DACH region. All PMG products are multi-certified, hosted and made in Germany. The company currently has around 40 employees.

Check out their website for more information:

Will there be layoffs?

No. Period.
Layoffs are absolutely not part of the plan and would also go against our planned growth trajectory.