We are Pro4all

Pro4all is a Dutch scale-up that has been making the work of builders easier for over 20 years. In those 20 years, we have seen many complex collaboration challenges in the construction and project industry. Challenges for which we offer solutions with our software. 

We want to make construction easier. Now.

But, building is still not easy enough, in our opinion. There is a lot of time pressure, material scarcity and staff shortage. As a result, failure costs, especially in the execution phase, are still incredibly high. With our software, we want to support the construction industry to overcome these problems. And in doing so, keep failure costs low and increase profit margins.

When all information is always available to everyone, trust in each other grows. Only then can you take construction to the next level, together.

Construction needs to go digital

In construction, collaboration is crucial. Even where intentions are good, mistakes are bound to be made. We’re only human. We believe we can improve collaboration. By facilitating platforms for clear communication, clear document management and crystal-clear mapping of quality and problems. This grows trust in each other and makes building a lot easier.

De Pro4all Skyline