Steven Degen

“I try to use the tools that I use in my day-to-day life in my construction work too. It saves me a lot of time. Where I used to go to the office for a copy of a drawing, now I use my iPad at the construction site. Work goes a lot faster now.”

Ton van Zijtveld

“Regardless of the time saved, the big win for us is the availability of information in one central place. Information is accessible. This also fits the BIM method that we use for our projects.”

Dries Claes

“Digitization to us means, compared to how we used to work three years ago, that we don’t keep information on paper anymore. A perfect example of our complete turnaround is the use of digital exchange of data in Docstream.”

Our tools need to fit our proces. We get that feeling when we use Docstream and Snagstream.

Patrick Elting - Bruil Bouw