The most widely used document management software in construction.

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Document management software can save you a lot (of time)

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“How do I choose the right document management system for my business?”

Am I looking at the latest version of a document? For many construction professionals, this question is vital. In practice, figuring out the answer to this question can cost a lot of time and that could cause delays. With the right document management system for construction, you make sure this does not happen to you.


The power of Docstream

Automatic version control

Every adjustment to a document results in a new version, even if the new document versions are added to the project via multiple uploads. You have constant access to the very latest information as well as every other revision.

Workflow management

Plan and manage structured activities either manually or automatically and oversee them through generated progress reports.

Large files

Docstream is optimized for sharing large files. You can send large files via hyperlinks, including to non-Docstream users. 

Digital feedback

Comments can be shared directly on the building plan. Online and in real-time.

Repro printing

Conveniently send repro printing assignments from Docstream to your own plotter or repro printer.

Digital approval stamps

Quick and easy digital approval stamping of the structural drawings. At the touch of a button, your stamp is placed on the drawing and included during plotting.

Authorisation & permissions

Users can get permission at document, folder or project level. Documents can also be shared with external stakeholders.

Secure data storage

Docstream is 100% secure, data is stored and secured with SSL at the highest level.


These companies work with Docstream:

De Groot Vroomshoop works with Docstream for construction
Geveke works with Docstream for construction
HSB works with Docstream for construction
IAA Architecten work with Docstream for construction
Peek works with Docstream for Construction
Leeuwenkamp architecten works with Docstream for construction
Takenaka works with Docstream for construction
HVG works with Docstream for construction
Vastbouw works with Docstream for construction

Apart from the time savings, for us the big gain lies in the availability of information in a central place. Information is accessible.

– Ton van Zijtveld – Smits Bouwbedrijf B.V.




"A serious turnaround"

“Digitalisation for us now means that, if you compare it to how we worked three years ago, we keep very little on paper. The serious turnaround is to automate the exchange of data and Docstream is a good example of that.”

Dries Claes – Heylen Warehouses

Heylen Group works with Docstream for construction

"The overall picture was the deciding factor"

“The user-friendliness stood out, as we experienced this differently with previous systems. Besides document management, Pro4all also offers Snagstream and the combination between these tools definitely has its advantages.”

– Heerkens en van Bavel

Heerkens en van Bavel work with Docstream for construction

A suitable price for every project

Free Trial

  • Run a pilot project
  • With all functionalities
  • And advice from our consultants to see how Docstream could work best for your company
for 14 days

User license

The best option for managing documents and projects (internally).

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Upload and share documents with all project stakeholders
  • Create tasks and assign them
  • Based on minimum order
/ user / month

Need some more information first?

No problem, we are at your service. Make an appointment for a time that suits you best. We will then help you immediately with appropriate (and non-binding) advice.

Frequently asked questions about Docstream

How do I unblock a file?

If a file is blocked, for example if the file has been modified but not published after the modification, it can no longer be modified. To unblock it, right-click the blocked file and click Unblock in the Action menu. A message will then appear asking if you are sure you want to unblock it. Click OK in the message and the block will be unblocked.

I forgot my password, what should I do now?

On the login page of the various streams, there is the text Forgot your password? If you click on this, you can enter your email (or username). You will then receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. PLEASE NOTE: the link in the e-mail is only valid for 48 hours, after which you must request a new link.

My account has been blocked, what should I do now?

Your account may be blocked, for example if you try to log in three times with an incorrect password. An account is automatically blocked and can only be unblocked by an unlimited user or Pro4all. Don’t know who the unlimited user is in your company? Then contact the Pro4all Support team: +31 (0)348 489600.

Do I pay extra when a lot of data needs to be stored?

No, we work with an ‘All-In pricing’ based on a fair-use policy.

Can Docstream be linked to other applications?

Yes, we have an API that allows us to link Docstream to other applications. For example: SharePoint, VISI, Relatics, Metacom, AFAS and Navision.