7 tips to save more time with Docstream

Stan Marks
Content Creator

The holidays are just around the corner and a lot has to be done before you can enjoy your holiday. This the not the moment to lose track of your to-do’s; which is where we come in. For this reason, we’ve listed seven handy tips to make your job that little bit easier.

Please note!

Certain functionalities must be set up by your administrator. If you are an administrator and you require additional support, contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance.

1. Drag and drop:
Directly import emails and attachments from Outlook to Docstream

From Outlook you can drag and drop emails and attachments (or just the attachments) directly into Docstream. How? With a new Outlook plugin.

Sound interesting? This support article will explain the plugin.



2. Sharing files:
The download log

You can easily share a file as a hyperlink from Docstream with the outside world. But how do you do that in safe and controlled way? With the Download log we give you more control by providing insight into download activity on your projects. You can see at a glance who downloaded something and when, ensuring that you don’t miss a thing.


Het Docstream download log
The download log is found in the document properties tab. Be aware that this function must be activated by your admin.


3. Metadata (1):
Every project is different

As an experienced builder, you know better than anyone that every project is different. In much the same way, every project has different metadata sets. Fortunately, these can be edited, so you only need to think about the content of your document. This makes keeping up with information much easier.


Metadata in Docstream
Managing metadata in Docstream


4. Metadata (2):
Don’t worry about numbering your documents

While it’s great that you can edit all the metadata to suit your needs, it’s also useful to keep your documents uniquely tagged in a logical way. That’s why you can compose your own unique automatic document numbers patterned on selected metadata from your documents.


Docstream documentnummer automatisch
Document numbers are easily made

5. Metadata (3):
Choose your own file name patterns

Ok, so it’s great that Docstream can handle file encryption, but what about the actual downloaded file name itself? We often get this question from our customers, so we’ve made file name patterns flexible, giving you control over how your filenames are to be built, giving you even more control.

Wat inspiratie:


6. Version Control:
The latest version in your own style

You may already be familiar with Docstream’s QR stamp function, which lets you check whether you are working with the latest version of a document even with a physical copy. But did you know that you can also customize the icon?

This way version management becomes more personal.

7. New in Docstream:
Expected Drawings

Over the duration of your project, you’re always mindful of your drawing requirements schedule. When do I need which document to meet the deadline, and who has it?

Here’s where the new “Expected Documents” module comes in. You can import your drawing requirements schedule into Docstream in one go from Excel. Once imported, you can further attach workflows to it so that all concerned parties receive their appropriate alerts at the appropriate time.

This is a very construction-specific tool, so it won’t be useful in every environment and needs to be requested by the environment administrator. But don’t worry, there’s no additional cost!